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About us

BorenPharm is an nanaparticle and conjugate technology R&D company in Wuhan Biolake.

BorenPharm offers a variety of high quality Polyethylene Glycol ( PEG ) and PEG Linkers products, an advanced biochemical reagents, and also lipids like API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) Technology Development for Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies. With high purity small molecule PEG Linker modified synthetic phospholipids, Borenpharm will provide unique nanoparticle related products development of pre-clinical and clinical candidates will be well established for our client.

Our full range of services also may include process chemistry, scale-up manufacturing, and supply chain management with analytical and regulatory requirements .Our chemists and lipid analysts are ready to meet your development needs with pre-clinical through phase III and commercial launch building blocks to the pharmaceutical and biotech industry.

Welcome to contact us with Email : sales@borenpharm.com

The Founder

Doctor Feng Yang, the founder of Borenpharm, was graduated from Chinese Academy of Sciences and majored in synthesis and application of carbohydrates (anti-cancer blocks) and got doctor degree in 2003.  During 2003-2005 he engaged in the R&D of anti-cancer new drugs as a post-doctor for Canada most famous Carbohydrate Chemistry Research Center of Alberta university. And He continued his post-doctor experiences to R&D carbohydrate anti-cancer drugs majored in Biological Sciences of San Diego academy of University of California in 2005-2008. After that, he joined in San Diego biology pharmaceuticals and worked in Nitto Denko Technical Incorporation to develop the targeting drug delivery technology of small pharmaceutical RNA and anti-cancer drugs. In 2011, he leaded the R&D team to develop the targeting drug delivery technology and the application of  immune protein modifications. In 2014, he began to cooperate with Avidity Nanomedicines to develop the new-generation polymeric nanoparticle drugs delivery technology.

In 2013, he came back to China and established Borenpharm Company focus on the small molecule PEG Linkers development and bulk manufacturing. So if you have any related technical enquiries, welcome you to contact with him.

E-mail: fengyang74@yahoo.com

Mp.: 0086-18717150066