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PhD Yang Feng attended The Technology and Innovation Committee found meeting by COCEA
  • 2016-01-12 16:08:14
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The Technology and Innovation Committee was founded by China Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs Association(COCEA) with 243 members in Beijing on Nov.30th, 2015. Director Qiu Yuanping of the overseas Chinese Affairs office of the State Concil, Deputy Director Tan Tianxing, Chairman of the COCEA, Chairman of Thailand Chia Tai Group Xie Guoming attended the meeting.

Qiu Yuanping pointed out on the meeting that the Technology and Innovation Committee is the new platform for overseas Chinese talents to start and develop innovation business in China in response to the national "public entrepreneurship, public innovation" call, and the committee will work on the mutual benefit cooperation, Innovation and entrepreneurship, suggestions, protecting interests and etc.

She also explained the significance of scientific and technological innovation Committee, praised the important contribution for China development by overseas Chinese professionals and technology entrepreneurs, encouraged the overseas Chinese to seize such opportunity and play a greater role in the period of building an innovation-oriented country.

Xie Guoming said that the establishment of scientific and Technological Innovation Committee created a new vitality for the national development. He hopes it can strengthen the mutual cooperation between overseas Chinese enterprises, can help them to change ideas and explore new ideas. In his view, now it’s the critical period of China overall economic structure transformation and innovation development, the overseas Chinese entrepreneurs should be full of confidence and catch the marvelous opportunity.

The purpose of the Scientific Innovation Committee is to unite the overseas Chinese professionals and team broadly, put forward their mutually cooperation though carrying out services, communication, friendship and guiding activities, to promote their business development.

The first session members of the committee is 243 in total, all are overseas Chinese professionals returning back to succeed in innovation and entrepreneurship, their enterprises are all high-tech companies mainly involving the energy saving and environmental protection, new generation information technology, bio medicine, high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy, new materials and other strategic emerging industries.

PhD Yang Feng, the CEO of Borenpharm, as the member of the committee attended the meeting, who just returned back from USA to found the Borenpharm company. Borenpharm mainly focus on the R&D, manufacturing high purity small molecule PEG linkers, modified synthetic phosphor lipids, advanced biochemical reagents, to save the cost and time for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.