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Advancing Bispecifics and Combination Therapy to the Clinic at PEGS Europe
  • 2016-06-22 13:23:36
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Once again PEGS Europe showcases current advances with bispecifics with presentations across several tracks from academic and industry pioneers in the field.

Advancing Bispecifics and Combination Therapy to the Clinic presents clinical updates from Abbvie, Macrogenics, and Molecular Partners. Data-rich late preclinical studies to be presented by Xencor and Roche.

We provide an exciting update from Amgen Research on bispecific T-cell engagers (BiTEs) and include current developments on bispecifics for retargeting and reprogramming of T cells from Chugai, Numab, Pfizer, Xencor, Macrogenics and Roche Innovation Centre.

We feature bispecifics that target checkpoint regulation from NovImmune, Roche, Macrogenics, Xencor and Shanghai Hengrui Pharmaceuticals.

We present fascinating data on Duokines capable of amplifying immune responses, on functional aspects of Antigen- and Fc-Dependent IgG Hexamers that potentiate CDC and more, on synergistic effects with an EGFR x cMet bispecific antibody, and advantages seen with antibody mixtures.

We focus on the big challenges for the industry such as identifying target pairs, enhancing potency, improving avidity, overcoming safety and pharmacology liabilities, and manufacturing.

DON'T MISS the Breakout Round Tables for in-depth discussion:

Preclinical and Clinical Challenges for Bispecific Redirected T Cell Killing

Understanding the Pros and Cons of the Myriad Bi- and Multi-specific Antibody Formats

Manufacturing Considerations for Bispecifics

DON'T MISS the short courses:

Cancer Immunotherapy

Engineering of Bispecific Antibodies